Audit Committee

Responsible for preparing an annual report of the Treasurer’s records and an inventory of the property of the organization. The audit and inventory for the preceding year shall be completed by March 31 of the following year. The Chairperson of the Audit Committee may not be the Treasurer.

Budget Committee

Responsible for preparing the Council’s budget proposals for the Fiscal Year. The budget proposal for the subsequent year shall be completed and approved at the November General Meeting of the prior year.

Bylaws Committee

Responsible for the annual review of the Bylaws and the development of all proposed amendments to the Bylaws. Review shall be on an ongoing basis throughout the year as issues arise.

Communications Committee

Responsible for gathering local community information, compiling, editing, mailing, and distributing the monthly newsletter of the Clairemont Town Council, as well as overseeing the Council's social media properties, and direct official communication matters from the Council. The Communications Committee Chairperson shall be the Managing Editor of the newsletter, be responsible for publishing the newsletter, and for informing the President, who is the Editor-in-Chief, of everything that will be contained in the newsletter prior to the publication of the newsletter.

Elections Committee

Responsible for soliciting candidates and conducting annual elections for the Council’s elective offices. The Elections Committee shall consist only of individuals who have not declared as a candidate for the next election.

Garden Tour Committee

Responsible for overseeing coordination of the annual Clairemont Garden Tour.

Membership Committee

Responsible for maintaining membership records and overseeing membership recruitment.

Public Safety Awareness Committee

Responsible for highlighting public safety awareness and addressing those issues as a liaison between the Council, the public, and any organizations that serve the Clairemont community regarding matters of public safety.

Sponsorship and Grant Committee

Responsible for communication of the availability of sponsorships and grants, receipt of information from those interested in applying for the sponsorships or grants, organizing the manner of presentation to the Board, and following up with parties requesting sponsorship or grants to make them aware of the status of approval as well as any additional requirements.