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Director District Map

    Districts in Depth

    Clairemont Town Council 2024 Board of Directors

    To contact Board President Nicole Crosby, email President@clairemontonline.com.

    Nicole Crosby,  President

    Carrie Munson, Vice President

    With Echo and Havana

    Fernand Kuhr, Secretary

    Lynn Little, Treasurer

    With Hayden

    Jack Vellis, Director at Large

    With Lucy and Desi

    Lynn Haims, Director South

    With Roxy

    Joe Sopher, Director at Large

    With Munson pups Echo and Havana

    Judey Petix, Director at Large

    With Scruffalufagus, aka Scruffles,
    RIP 11/20/20

    Donald Krupp, Sergeant at Arms

    With Rhone

    Mark Schrammel, Director East

    Rudy Orozco, Director Central

    Pete Whitby, Director West

    Clairemont Town Council 2024 Board of Directors

    Office Director Term No. Term
    President Nicole Crosby 1 2023-2024
    Vice President Carrie Munson 2 2023-2024
    Secretary Fernand Kuhr 2 2023-2024
    Treasurer Lynn Little 5 2023-2024
    Sergeant-at-Arms Don Krupp 1 2023-2024
    Director North Open
    Director East Mark Schrammel 1 2022-2023
    Director Central Rudy Orozco 1 2022-2023
    Director South Lynn Haims 1 2020-2021
    Director West Pete Whitby 1 2022-2023
    Director-at-Large, Seat A Open
    Director-at-Large, Seat B Judey Petix
    2 2021-2022
    Director-at-Large, Seat C Jack Vellis
    2 2021-2022
    Director-at-Large, Seat D Joe Sopher 2 2022-2023
    Director-at-Large, Seat EOpen 1 2022-2023
    President Emeritus Ryan Trabuco

    Student Representative CHS

    Student Representative
    School Year
    Student Representative
    School Year

    Clairemont Town Council

    Mission Statement

    Our mission is to protect and enhance the quality of life in our community by providing a forum for discussion on issues that  affect the residents and businesses within Clairemont. 

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